What Is The Difference Between Cbd Tincture And CBD Oil?

When it comes to cannabis the two most talked-about compounds are THC and CBD. cbd oil tincture has gained popularity worldwide due to its several medicinal benefits and therapeutic advantages. CBD oil is used to provide relief from instant pain, anxiety and inflammation. As of now, several people around the world have information about the benefits CBD offers making it popular and best. There are two methods of CBD which are known as tinctures and oil and both have their pros and cons. In this article, we will talk about the difference between the two compounds and which is the best for you.

To understand the difference between both it is first essential to know both the compounds well for a better understanding.

CBD Tinctures:

Any medication that is kept in alcohol preservation is known as tinctures. CBD tinctures are derived from hemp much similar to CBD oil but both of them differ from each other. CBD tinctures are suspended from 60% to 70% distilled alcohol. Tinctures are extracted from hemp and then combined with a mixture of alcohol, peppermint oil and glycerine. Both CBD tinctures and CBD oil can be consumed in the same manner. CBD tinctures have low potency of CBD as compared to CBD oil.

The dosages of CBD tinctures may vary from one to another user and they have a long shelf life when compared to CBD oil. Due to the presence of alcohol in tinctures, it has higher bioavailability. Using water-soluble CBD you can also opt to cook with CBD tinctures. Mentioned below are some of the ingredients that are present in CBD tincture:

  • Essential vitamin-like D, C, B12 and many more
  • Sweeteners
  • Herbs
  • Essential oils like basil and lavender
  • Water
  • Melatonin

CBD Oil:

CBD oil is formed by pulling out the oil from the seeds, stalks and flowers of the hemp plant. CBD oil is believed to be the most potent and expensive form of CBD out of all the forms present. CBD oil consists of cannabinoids, protein, nutrients, vitamins and fatty acids. You can also infuse the CBD oil into food and juice for more natural consumption.

It is advised to take only two or three teaspoons divided into the entire day for the best results. This is because CBD oil has high potency. As per your body weight and goal, you can ascertain the right amount of CBD oil required by your body. Mentioned below are some of the ingredients that are present in CBD oil.

  • MCT oil
  • Hemp seed oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Vegetable glycerine based

Difference between CBD Tincture and CBD oil:


CBD tinctures have an alcohol base whereas CBD oil contains cannabidiol as the base. Irrespective of their base, both have the same therapeutic properties. The CBD tincture and CBD oil are used to relieve, stress, anxiety and inflammation.

Ingestion Method:

Tinctures can be ingested simply by mixing food items and juice. This is possible as it consists of an alcohol base. On the other CBD oil is ingested using the vape method. Both of the compounds have the same effect wherein the THC content in CBD oil is more. This means that it will give you the high better using CBD oil.


Tinctures come in various flavours. The flavours available in CBD tinctures are vanilla, chocolate and peach. When taken under the tongue it facilitates quick absorption. On the other hand, CBD oil has an unpleasant taste generally when it is consumed orally. CBD oil gives an oily after taste, unlike tinctures that are available in various flavours.


The price of CBD products is determined based on their potency, strength, extraction method and many more. The price of CBD oil and CBD tinctures are roughly the same. It means that a 500ml of CBD oil price is similar to CBD tinctures. The price of CBD oil may differ depending on the quality. High-quality CBD oil is much more expensive when compared to CBD tinctures.

Shelf Life:

The shelf life of CBD tinctures is much when compared to CBD oil and it is has been discussed earlier. The reason the CBD tinctures have more shelf life is that it is made of isopropyl alcohol and ethyl alcohol. These two compounds added in the CBD tincture acts like preservatives and add the shelf life of the compound.

On the other hand, CBD oil has low shelf life compared to CBD tinctures. You can easily spot expired CBD oil. Expired CBD oil will have a cloudy or foggy thing in the oil when expired and is advised not to use. If you are looking forward to extending the life of CBD products then it is advised to keep them away from direct sun contact for the best results.

Both the compound has zero psychoactive impacts making it perfect for consumption. Both CBD oil and CBD tinctures are quite popular as they offer instant relief from pain, anxiety and inflammation. Many of the patients suffering from inflammation issues are advised to consume CBD products for instant relief. Though these products do not offer any treatment, they are perfect for getting instant relief. They also have no side effects making it best to be consumed.

Based on the points above you can make a decision on which product is the best suit for you. Go through the ingestion method, price, shelf life and other factors to distinguish between the two. For maintaining overall well-being, both these products are good and should be consumed, as they have no side effects. Several studies have shown the benefits of consuming CBD products especially if you are suffering from inflammation or excessive pain in your body joints and other parts.


Both CBD oil and CBD tinctures have their advantages and disadvantages. CBD products are very beneficial for overall wellbeing and should be used after consulting your physician for the best results. No studies or research have shown that CBD products such as CBD oil and CBD tinctures can offer complete treatment, but there are sufficient results that show these products can offer instant relief, which is remarkable.