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Michigan College Goal Sunday is February 10th, 2013 from 2 - 4pm.


You have a really cool friend. You know why? [STUDENTFIRSTNAME] may have just saved you thousands of dollars for college by emailing you about College Goal Sunday.


By attending College Goal Sunday in your area you will receive FREE help from a financial aid expert in completing the FAFSA financial aid form. And the best part is you will get peace of mind knowing you completed this necessary form correctly and before the March 1 deadline.


Oh yeah, and there are thousands of dollars in scholarships and prizes that we are giving away too. Don’t waste time; go to for a complete checklist on how to prepare yourself for the event.


Want to say thanks to [STUDENTFIRSTNAME]? Go sign up for the email reminder service!


This is your chance to MAKE THE DATE and MAX THE CASH!



Make the Date. Max the Cash.

 1.  Save the date! Sign up for a reminder!


2.  Get your FAFSA PIN Number. This Personal Identification Number is how you sign your electronic FAFSA at College Goal Sunday.


3.  Print out a list of what you need to bring with you to the event.


4.  Find your location.


5.  Spread the word! Send a personalized message from our website to your friends about the event!